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Chamber News

Institute for Leadership

The City of St. Pete Beach Partners with the Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber to launch St. Pete Beach Business Site Improvement Program

The Future of Transportation Forum

Legislative Wrap-up and Happy Hour

Learn @ Lunch Presented by Palms of Pasadena

Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber Launches Two New Business Meeting

City and County Leadership will give their “Outlook” 2022

The Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce wins Communications Award

Feature Your Business at the Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber Annual Meeting

Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber Annual Meeting Announced

Community Leaders Applaud State Response to Red Tide Bloom in the Tampa Bay Area

DeSantis: Red tide state of emergency would hurt, not help Tampa Bay

Five things that happened while you tried to secure a rental car for your trip

Construction halfway complete on rapid transit beach connection to St. Petersburg

Legislative session wrap: Beaches did ‘very well’

Patience in Pinellas: A message for tourists and locals when going out on the town

Harried hospitality workers issue plea: ‘Serenity now!'

Campaign encourages customers to practice patience while dining

Short Staffed: The Hospitality Industry Crisis

Travel industry looking for more employees as rebound summer season nears

Funding application through the American Rescue Plan opens for businesses hit hard by pandemic

Hospitality industry slowest to come back losing 22,700 jobs in the Tampa Bay area

Tourism needs help

Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce helping people find jobs

There is ‘extreme need’ for staff at beach businesses, chamber says

Bring your Resume to the Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce for Job Placement

Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce accepting resumes from job seekers

Patience in Pinellas

Hiring in Tampa Bay: Here is a list of resources to help you find a job in Tampa Bay

Beach business owners hope for spring break boost during pandemic

Pinellas County Beach business job fairs underway | The Rebound Tampa Bay

TBBCoC Hosting Five Job Fairs across Tampa Bay Beaches

Help is needed at businesses along the beaches

Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce to hold 5 job fairs for beach businesses

Need a Job? Pinellas Beach Businesses Need To Hire Employees

Five Job Fairs on the Tampa Bay Beaches

Employees needed on Tampa Bay Beaches

St. Pete Beach named best in America

Advocacy: Awareness & Action

On-Going Tax Prep

2021 Annual Dinner Award Winners

The Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce Donates to Sea Turtle Trackers