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Enjoy the Beach, Protect the Beach

You love the beach, and so do we! That's why we we've outlined some of the ways that you can protect the beach while you enjoy it so it's just as safe and beautiful for your next visit:


Come with friends but leave any furry, fuzzy or flighted friends behind. Any human friends are welcome to join you at the beach, but pets can present a danger to the landscape and wildlife and are not allowed on most of our beaches. Not sure where you can bring your dog? Click here.

Stay hydrated but only drink alcohol in the designated areas or businesses. Drink lots of water while you're enjoying days filled with sun, but if you decide to enjoy an alcoholic drink make sure you only do so in the  legal areas. Not sure where you can enjoy a drink? Click here.

Bring the fun but leave with it too, don't leave any toys, sandcastles or holes. Playing in the sand is super fun, but leaving behind any beach toys, sandcastles, and holes can be very dangerous to the wildlife and other people enjoying the beach. Not sure where to leave your toys when you leave? Check out beaches with Toy Boxes.

Long walks on the beach, we love them too, but we don't love electric bike rides. Electric bikes and other electric forms of transportation can be dangerous for the rider, other beachgoers, and the ecosystem on the beaches. Not sure of the regulations? Click here for a guideline.

Get your toes in the sand but only on the designated pathways, not in the vital sand dunes. The only reason our beautiful beaches still exist is because of the priceless sand dunes protecting them from recurring natural disasters and providing shelter to the wildlife. Causing any harm to the dunes is illegal.

Find treasures but nobody likes finding cigarette butts, don't smoke or vape. You can find all kinds of ocean treasures in the sand, hopefully not including cigarette butts and vapes. These non-biodegradable materials pollute our beaches and contaminate our wildlife, so most beaches don't allow smoking.