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Red Tide


  • Currently Pinellas County does not have red tide.
  • As of Wednesday, August 22nd dead fish have been reported in Fort DeSoto, St. Pete Beach and Redington Beach, but it is believed their presence is a result of tidal action and NOT an indication of red tide along the beach.
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) forecasts show red tide staying south of Pinellas County (not guaranteed).
  • The next report from FWC will be release Thursday, August 23rd.
  • If there is any risk to Pinellas County, your chamber will work with all community stakeholders.
  • If you have cancellations due to red tide, email
  • Red tide is a natural occurrence. Nothing can be done to stop red tide.

 Take action:

  • Make sure information shared with visitors, businesses and residents is accurate.
  • Spread the message "We are open for business. There is not red tide along our beaches."


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Doug Izzo, Government Affairs Director
(727) 360-6957