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Protector of the Beaches

People from all over the world flock to the beaches of Pinellas County and one of the top reasons is the incredible natural resources we offer. Our ecological offerings are so pristine is due in part to the efforts of organizations that work to protect our waterways, coastlines and beaches. Our organization works as a Protector of the Beaches alongside other partners, because if we do not protect these natural resources, there will be no place for a thriving tourism industry.

Business Resources

Protect the Beaches

A priority of our Chamber is to create resilient communities and businesses. We do our best to provide our community with the knowledge and materials necessary to create those resilient businesses and protect our beaches. 

Visitor Resources

Sustainable Tourism

We work to create ways our visitors can become sustainable tourists. It is important to have all parties involved in protecting our beaches. We hope that our visitors come to enjoy our communities and leave them as beautiful and pristine as they were when they arrived.


Partnerships to enhance our reach to protect our beaches include:

Pinellas County

Tampa Bay Watch

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Gulf Coast Business Coalition

Sea Turtle Trackers

Seabird Sanctuary

Winter the Dolphin's Beach Club